Charities help fund specially adapted seat for disabled boy in Stowmarket

Zac with mum Lauren Cox
Zac with mum Lauren Cox
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A mum has praised two charities for helping to fund a specially adapted seat for her severely disabled three-year-old son.

Lauren Cox, of Stowmarket, says the £1,039 PPod seat helps her son Zac, who has no independent mobility and is unable to stand or sit unaided, to relax and play in safety.

They received the vital piece of equipment after turning to children’s disability charity Newlife Foundation which secured funding from Genetic Disorders UK’s nationwide campaign Jeans for Genes Day.

Zac was even able to use the chair at his mum and dad’s wedding - otherwise he would have been confined to a push chair.

Mrs Cox, 27, said: “It’s something he can use where it’s safe and he can relax.

“We can’t put Zac on a sofa or normal chair because he’s quite active and will fall off.

“We had to watch him constantly.

“Most people get to have a comfy chair to sit in when they are at home and Zac’s needs are no different.”

Zac has a metabolic genetic disorder, known as Multiple Acyl-CoA Hydrogenase, which has resulted in cerebral palsy, epilepsy and global development delay.

As well as no independent mobility, he has no useful sight.

Mrs Cox sought help from the charity as the NHS will only fund one seat per child and they already have a wooden high chair.

The new chair features a safety harness, which prevents Zac from being able to fling himself out, and a tray for his toys.

It is also portable so he is able to play in the garden and his mum can wheel him about.

She added: “Zac looks really comfortable because he is properly positioned in the chair and can’t slump.”