Centre goes hi-tech with desk yoga app

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A BUSINESS that offers complementary therapies has launched a desk yoga application on the iPhone and iPad.

The innovative app – designed by Designaweb, on the Moreton Hall estate, for its neighbour the Self Centre, in Kempson Way – aims to relieve users of fatigue and stress, as well as tension and pain in their lower back, neck and shoulders.

The app, available for £1.49, consists of a 20 minute video – produced by Daniel Newman, a media production student from West Suffolk College – where Carol Baker, owner and director of the Self Centre, demonstrates 11 stretches to combat bad postures.

“Why do we need to do yoga at a desk?” she asks, in part one of the app, which can also be viewed on YouTube.

“Well, basically, we’re sitting forward a lot of the time. We may be slumped over the keyboard, we may even be turning to look at the computer and we may even do that worst cardinal sin of putting the phone to our ear while we’re typing at the same time.”

Carol, who teaches yoga at the centre, came up with the idea for the app after attending last year’s Internet World event in London, but it took around six months for it to materialise, as she first had to familiarise herself with the technology.

Around 100 people a day have downloaded it since it was launched at the start of January, after some initial glitches, and, following a number of positive reviews, it soon became one of Apple’s featured apps.

But it is not only proving popular with people in the UK, with downloads taking place in China, America, Russia, Italy and Chile, among others.

“On average, people are seated for around 14 hours a day,” said carol, on the importance of the video.

“It looks at all the things that keep your body mobile and keep your joints moving because the longer you stay still, the more tired you become and, once you become tired, you don’t have energy,” she added.