Cat could lose leg after being shot in ‘horrific act of cruelty’

Casey Hanlin, 12, with Alfie the cat ANL-140603-110506001
Casey Hanlin, 12, with Alfie the cat ANL-140603-110506001
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A woman whose cat may need to have its leg amputated after it was shot with an air rifle has branded those responsible as ‘evil’.

Lisa Lockwood’s cat, Alfie, arrived home limping on Monday.

X-Ray of Alfie the cat ANL-140603-113630001

X-Ray of Alfie the cat ANL-140603-113630001

Lisa and her family hoped their pet had simply suffered a sprain that rest would repair.

However, they took a distressed Alfie to the vets on Wednesday where it was revealed he had been the victim of a shooting.

Aquarius Vets, in Mildenhall, thought Alfie had probably been hit by a car until an x-rays revealed that an air rifle pellet remained lodged in one of his back legs.

Lisa said: “I think it’s absolutely evil. I’m devastated.

“The pellet is stuck in the bone and has splintered it. If they get it out the bone could split, they are talking about maybe having to amputate the leg.”

The five-year-old tabby cat is currently under medication and confined to a cage.

He will see a specialist today to determine if his leg can be saved.

Lisa, 36, said Alfie did not go far from their home in Emmanuel Close and she believed he was shot close-by.

Lisa said: “We have had the cat for five years and it’s our family pet.

“You do not expect anything to happen like that to your pet. The bill is going to be thousands, Wednesday alone was £240.”

Tracey King, practice manager at Aquarius Vets, said: “Luckily we don’t see many of these injuries at Aquarius.

“Due to the position of the pellet and the length of time since the injury first occurred, it will not be easy to remove .

“We keep our fingers crossed that poor Alfie will recover without any further complications. He is a lovely cat.”

Alfie is the family’s first cat and was adopted at the request of Lisa’s son Casey Hanlin, aged 12.

Casey said he was worried about what would happen to Alfie’s leg and that whoever had hurt him was ‘cold-hearted’.

RSPCA inspector Richard Lythgoe said: “This was a horrific act of cruelty.

“I cannot understand what pleasure anyone can gain from such an awful activity.

“We would urge anyone with information about this to contact us on the RSPCA inspector line 0300 123 8018 and leave a message.”

Lisa said she had seen a rise in anti-social behaviour in her local area recently.

She said: “It’s normally a really nice area but the last month or two months there have been lots of problems.”

She said she had contacted police and was going to speak to an officer yesterday.