Care home which had endangered residents in Bury St Edmunds has improved inspector finds

Cornwallis Court
Cornwallis Court
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A care home where hot irons were left unattended, and residents could pick up hazardous items or walk out into the road, has improved.

Cornwallis Court in Bury St Edmunds was served an enforcement notice following an inspection in the summer by the Care Quality Commission.

That could have seen its owners the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution (RMBI) fined or prosecuted.

It could have also had its contract to provide services suspended or even cancelled, unless the home improved.

An unannounced inspection recenty published has found it has now improved.

The home in Hospital Road now meets standards for care and welfare of residents, and for the safety and suitability of premises the two areas it was reassessed on.

“No fire doors were seen to be propped open. No hot iron was left on and unattended.

“Doors that should have been locked were locked and potential hazardous items were not accessible to people living in the home,” the report said.

Other concerns raised in July included the length of time taking to respond to call bells – in some case half an hour – which its said could impact on the dignity of residents at end of life care.

Paperwork for care plans, risk assessments, and medication records were also not up to scratch.

The re-inspection found that most of this paperwork has since been reviewed.

Call bells now are being answered more quickly with staff aiming to answer within three to five minutes.

“The environment was more calm and pleasant to live in,” the CQC inspectors’ report said.

An RMBI statement said: “The RMBI internal auditing process had already identified most of the concerns raised in the CQC inspection report and robust action plans had been developed and put in place to address these issues and were being closely monitored on a regular basis.

“Since the inspection in July, the RMBI have taken extensive steps to turnaround the service at Cornwallis Court and have addressed all of the concerns raised by the CQC.

“Since the last inspection, all issues raised in the report have been addressed, plans for improvement implemented and the RMBI is confident that it would meet the high standards set by the CQC if it were inspected tomorrow.

“Management is certain that all aspects of compliance have been achieved and is determined that these will be maintained.”

Cornwallis Court is made up of three units, the nursing unit, the residential unit and Geoffrey Dicker House for people suffering from dementia.

The home looks after a maximum of 52 residents, 12 nursing patients and 10 people needingdementia support.

The current weekly fee rate at Cornwallis Court is £604.03 for residential care £958.30 for nursing care and £993.79 per week for dementia care.