Car struck by rock on A14

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A CAR travelling along the A14 near Stowmarket was hit by a rock thrown from a bridge.

The incident occurred last Saturday at about 5.35pm on the eastbound carriageway of the A14 at Needham Market A140 junction.

A Ford Fiesta was hit and the windscreen was chipped but no-one in the car was hurt.

A police spokesman said: “This incident was reported around 15 minutes after it occurred, officers made checks of the bridges in the area to locate the bridge where the stone may have been thrown from and to check for any suspects, nothing suspicious was found. The driver himself did not see anyone on the bridge.

“Since the introduction of signs on the A14 giving details of each bridge and asking for calls on any suspicious activity, the number of incidents where objects have been thrown from bridges has decreased significantly, so much so that the eastern area of the country has seen less of these incidents than other parts.

“Drivers should stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity of bridges to police, dialling 999.”