Car is tops for shops but most commutes to Bury are by foot, bike or bus

Car commuters are a minority
Car commuters are a minority
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A survey has shown 61 per cent of shoppers travel to Bury St Edmunds by car though 80 per cent do less than three miles.

The Our Place community group’s online survey reveals that the 39 per cent using their cars to travel to Bury to work or study is about the same as the 40.21 per cent who travel more than three miles, with 17.5 per cent doing 21 to 50 miles. Most commutes, 34 per cent, are one to three miles.

After the car, walking is the next most popular route to work at 16 per cent, followed by the bus at 15 and cycling at 14. In fact, 54 per cent of journeys to work are by public or sustainable transport.

But shopping alters travel habits dramatically, with the car’s convenience winning, and the bus becoming the next most popular, at 21 per cent. Though 14 per cent still walk, cycling drops to four per cent.

More and better cycle routes were most often cited as ways to encourage cycling while faster and more reliable train and bus routes topped the commuters’ poll.

Green county councillor Mark Ereira said: “A lot of people are living in rural areas where the bus service to Bury isn’t adequate and cycling or walking isn’t an everyday option. But you’ve got a pool of people who can get around without using their cars.”