Campaign over ‘danger’ road

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PARENTS at a Stowmarket primary school have voiced concern over a ‘dangerous’ road they have to use to pick up their children.

According to Fred Hillyer, president of the Cedars Park Residents’ Association, a service road was due to open near Cedars Park Community Primary School in the spring.

However, the road remains unopened and parents are worried for the safety of their children when picking them up along Pintail Road, which remains busy.

Speaking outside the school, parent Siobhan Johnson said: “It is not fair when there is a massive road nearby which should have been open in the spring. Parents complain because they cannot park around here but it is far more of a safety thing. It is dangerous.”

Mum Stephanie Harris said: “We have lived on the estate for 13 years and in that time we have been promised suitable facilities.

“If the other road was open and effective, we wouldn’t have this many cars coming down the road and this much congestion.

“They are putting children’s lives at risk.”

Cedars Park Residents Association is campaigning for the relief road to be completed and opened as planned.

Mr Hillyer said the road had become dangerous.

He said: “If they opened the relief road it would take the traffic away from Pintail Road.

“It gets very busy around here at 4pm. There is work on phase two of the community project taking place and there have been lorries and vans with building materials down this road.

“The builders, Crest Nicholson, have been helpful in trying to restrict the times they deliver goods but there have been problems with third party suppliers using that road.

“It should have opened in spring. We are concerned because it is a real safety hazard”

A spokesman for Suffolk County Council said the road had not yet been adopted by the council yet so it could not comment on the issue.

A spokesman for Crest Nicholson, which is developing the site, said: “Work is currently under way on the road and cycleway footpath in accordance with a design previously agreed with Suffolk County Council; the council is scheduled to adopt the footpath and cycle way in October this year.

“Crest Nicholson will be completing these works ahead of its construction phase to help provide a better access to the school for children and parents.”