Calls for councillor to resign

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A recently elected town councillor has been called upon to resign after switching from the Conservative party to sit as an Independent, just weeks after being elected.

Major Barry Humphreys was elected last month as a Conservative party candidate but ,due to his role in the army at Wattisham Airfield, has had to change to an Independent.

The move had been criticised by Green Party town councillor Nigel Rozier who said Major Humphreys should stand down.

He said: “Barry Humphreys may make an excellent councillor, but what has troubled me since all this came to light is that it is fundamentally wrong to win as ‘The Conservative party candidate’ then take a seat as an Independent.

Speaking after a full town coucil meeting on Wednesday, Major Humphreys said: “In all fairness, I am not here for politial reasons. I will stand in any guise to serve the peopole of Stowmarket who voted for me.

“I started as a Conservative, was then voted in, legally voted in, and changed to an Independent due to employment issues.”