Call to mark St George’s Day with good English food

St George preparing English dragon steaks
St George preparing English dragon steaks
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A rallying call has gone up for the English to mark their patron saint’s day tomorrow with a patriotic meal.

The Country Land and Business Association East’s regional director Nicola Currie believes the reason England celebrates its national day less than other nations is we need a serving suggestion.

She said: “Every Scot knows how to celebrate St Andrew’s Day – in fact it is even a national holiday – but we English appear to struggle and lack a cause for celebration.”

She points out that St George, who deposed St Edmund as England’s patron saint, is revered in many countries as the patron saint of agricultural workers.

“So why not just make sure your main meal on Tuesday involves the best regional produce, bought locally,” she said today. “In Suffolk we produce a huge variety of food and drink.

“As well as enjoying a suitably memorable occasion, you can be comforted in the knowledge that you will be helping the local economy. Every pound spent in smaller independent local food outlets supports three times the number of jobs than if it were spent in national grocery chains.”