Call for vigilance after ‘drunken’ vandalism

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VANDALS have struck a Bury St Edmunds estate for the second time in a fortnight.

Police were called on Saturday to reports of youngsters damaging drainpipes behind Tesco Express, in Tallou Court, on Moreton Hall.

The drainpipes, belonging to a group of flats, were torn down between 1am and 1.50am.

As yet no arrests have been made but a police spokesman said officers spoke to a number of people when they responded to the incident.

“CCTV has been examined and officers are following a number of leads,” he added.

Just two weeks earlier, police were called to the same area of the estate, off Symonds Road, after around £500 of damage was caused to a window at the community centre.

They also spoke to a group of ‘loud and disruptive teenagers’ and received reports from nearby houses of a number of stolen or damaged garden lights, for which they have no suspects.

The investigation into the centre’s window is ongoing and police say they are likely to rule a named suspect out of their inquiries.

Cllr Frank Warby, who represents Moreton Hall on St Edmundsbury Borough Council, said: “The police say there’s nothing happening and it’s a quiet area but this is the second weekend they’ve been called because of drunken behaviour.

“People need to be more vigilant and call police straight away if they see anything.”

The police spokesman said: “Officers patrol the estate regularly and this kind of anti-social behaviour is taken very seriously.”