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Call for action to alert motorists to ‘danger spot’ on B1106

Motorists need to be told to slow down to 30mph before a tight bend in a country road – rather than on it.

That’s the appeal of a father-of-three from Fornham St Genevieve, who said cars travelling along the B1106 past his house at 60mph are in danger.

John Rushman, 59, said: “I have lived there for a year and a half and the problem we have got is that there is no speed limit. People are going round at 60mph.”

John Rushman who is concerned about cars travelling along the B1106 on a sharp bend at 60mph. Picture: Mark Westley
John Rushman who is concerned about cars travelling along the B1106 on a sharp bend at 60mph. Picture: Mark Westley

Analysis of road data has found there have been 17 collisions in the past 20 years at the section. Two of those are considered ‘serious’ but none was fatal.

Mr Rushman, who works in Bury St Edmunds as an estate agent, has previously approached Suffolk County Council with an offer to personally pay an unknown amount to repaint a faded sign alerting drivers to the corner.

And the lobbying appears to have paid off, with the county council having now sorted the sign and having pledged to repaint some of the road lines.

The authority said: “We have received reports of the faded road markings along B1106, at the junction between Fornham St Genevieve and Culford.

“The junction road markings will be refreshed within the next two weeks however, any ‘SLOW’ markings will not be completed.

“Due to budget constraints, we have to prioritise the safety related road markings and regulatory road markings come first.

“Following the refreshment of the road markings, the road and junction will be clearly defined, and road users will be urged to slow down prior to the sharp bend.”

Mr Rushman is grateful for the improvements but wants more to be done to alert motorists of the upcoming bend.

He added: “The sign has now been repainted. But I still do not think it is enough because of the point in the road where it has been placed. You only get told about the bend when you are on it. It is a real danger spot and I am very worried about it.”

Suffolk County Council has said warning signs in advance of the bend are currently placed at the appropriate distance away.

In response to this, Mr Rushman has pledged to continue to lobby the authority at meetings.

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