Cafe owned by life-long friends officially opens

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Mayor of Stowmarket Anne Whybrow popped into the Lime Tree Cafe in Stowmarket on Saturday for it’s official opening.

Cafe owners Julie Bonner and Racheal Feasey met at primary school aged just six and have been best friends ever since.

They have worked various jobs together but always dreamed of opening their own cafe.

Racheal said: “We were trying to create a shabby chic, eclectic place.

“We produce virtually everything here - it’s all home made and locally sourced.

“It is a lovely, lively and pretty little place we have created here.

“I think it really adds something new to Stowmarket.”

Mayor Whybrow said: “To see a traditional cafe where people are happy and relaxed, where they can enjoy their bits and pieces so close to the centre of town is refreshing.”