Businessman guilty of involvement in international frauds of £5.7 million

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A Redgrave businessman has been found guilty of involvement in international frauds in which victims were duped out of £5.7 million.

Colin Samuels, 61, of The Street, denied two charges of conspiracy to defraud but was convicted by a jury at Ipswich Crown Court on Friday.

He has been remanded in custody until he is sentenced.

Samuels, who declined to give evidence during the nine week trial, was said to have been part of a conspiracy in which call centres in Turkey and Spain were used to trick people in the UK into paying upfront fees in return for what were promised to be £600 a week payments for undertaking two dinner dates.

A second fraud involved peopleuds with large credit card debts in the UK being ‘cold called’ from Spain and offered the chance to have their debts eliminated in return for a fee, charged to their credit card.

Former police detective Christopher Taylor, 57, of Wakefield, and Bradley Rogers, 29, of Malaga, were found guilty of money laundering on Wednesday.

Mark Bell, 41, of Westerfield, and Geraldine French, 60, of Lowestoft, have also been found guilty of conspiracy to defraud.