Businessman blasts name change plans

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A ‘MINDBLOWING’ proposal to change the name of a busy road will cost residents and businesses thousands of pounds, according to one unhappy businessman.

Eriswell Parish Council is proposing that the name of the C602 Eriswell Road and Mildenhall Road should be changed for next year’s Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The Queen Elizabeth Causeway is the suggested name, but business owner Dale King says the move would cost him and others time and money.

“It’s mindblowing. I don’t think they have got a clue how much hassle this is going to be for people.

“I’ve got three vehicles, licences, registration, insurance – the list goes on. It would all have to be changed and it would cost me a lot of money – let alone the 20 minutes on the phone every time I change something.

“Why they can’t just put up a plaque or name a road on a new-build estate for the jubilee?”

Eriswell parish councillor Tim Leedham said the change would be a benefit.

“There’s always going to be arguments against change but it’s the main thoroughfare between the two American air bases and it would be nice to give it a name for the jubilee,” he said.

Forest Heath District Council, the authority responsible for the naming of roads in the area, has now written to residents asking for their responses to the proposal.

Beck Row Parish Council has also backed the name change.