Vandals in car tear up village hall soccer pitch

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VILLAGE football games had to be cancelled last weekend after vandals drove a car and bike around the playing field.

When Ron Jarrold, groundsman and Great Barton village hall committee’s director of football, arrived at the field on Saturday to mark the pitch for the three weekend games, he found the grass torn up with tyre tracks.

“They’ve been going round and round, skidding, hitting the brakes and doing figures of eight,” he said. “Because the ground is firm we haven’t got deep ruts, but we’ve got to have something done.”

The pitch is used by Westbury United and Sporting 87A on Saturdays and Great Barton and Moreton Hall under 15s on Sunday. Because of Christmas and New Year there are no games for three weeks giving time to work on the pitches.

The village hall committee has put up posts to block access to the field and has sought advice from Suffolk County Council ground staff.

Though a villager heard a car there at 7.30pm to 8pm on Friday nobody saw anything and Mr Jarrold believes the vehicles were driven with their lights off.

“I don’t understand the mentality of people,” he said. “They know it’s a playing field.”

Anyone with information should call Pc Sheena Tate of St Edmundsbury Rural Safer Neighbourhood Team on 101.