Van company boxes clever

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A COMPANY whose unique trucks are used by supermarket home delivery services has cantered into delivering horses.

Roadload, of St Helen’s Way, Thetford, uses front-drive Peugeot trucks as the basis for its U-tail vehicle which allows one chassis to be used with a variety of de-mountable bodies.

The latest is a rampless horsebox which was launched in de-mountable form in October and in a fixed body form this week.

Managing director Keith Jones explained: “Because we have no back axle the body can be lower so it’s only 30cm above the ground, which the horse can step up to. The de-mountable horsebox costs £42,000, but this will be half the price.”

The de-mountable version’s box can be lowered to ground level. Some business users have a commercial body for work and a horsebox body for play.

Roadload offer everything from simple flat deck load areas to mobile workshops. Supermarkets use them because while one body is on deliveries, another can be loaded.