Town centre group could be on cards

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FLAGGING High Street fortunes in Mildenhall could be set for a boost if a town centre association is introduced.

Those are the thoughts of Joanne Rogers, town centre manager for Forest Heath District Council, as she attempts to get business owners working together to improve the High Street.

“The benefits of people working in partnership from the council’s point of view is that we can get good dialogue with retailers and if they have problems or suggestions for projects, we can help them,” she said.

The association would allow retailers, restaurateurs, solicitors and other business owners in the town centre to communicate more effectively, according to Ms Rogers.

“If it’s just me meeting them individually it can be difficult to get a true picture of what they want.

“This way, there are groups of people we can talk to and everybody begins to understand each other a bit better,” she said.

Ms Rogers spoke to Mildenhall Parish Council about the scheme last week and chairman Tony Wheble said that councillors were largely positive about the plans, but were concerned that past attempts at similar schemes had failed.

“We thought it was a good idea but our point was that there had been town centre groups three times before and it hadn’t worked.

“But the town centre does need some new ideas and if that is how they can get them then that’s great,” he said.