Snails lead the way to success

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SLOW but sure is the pathway to success planned by a Thetford businessman who is launching a new venture.

Stephen Andrew gave up 32 years in the pharmaceutical industry to set up his own business farming snails and growing speciality vegetables.

The 51-year-old found himself facing redundancy in 2010. A year before he set up a small experimental snail breeding pen and decided to look into starting up his own business.

Snailz and Specialities grew with help from the Outset Norfolk Business Start up programme and he is purchasing land for the emerging business, currently operated from a polytunnel in Watton.

He said: “I spend quite a lot of time in France and know that the Portugese community here eat snails and they are expensive to import.

“People are also more interested in the less common varieties of vegetables and so we did some trials last year on things like black radishes, heirloom tomatoes, lemon cucumbers and white beetroot.”

Mr Andrew is also planning to use the snails in schools teaching youngsters about species diversification.