Project to create low carbon malt

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A LEADING malt supplier based in Stowmarket is taking innovative steps to cuts its carbon emissions and become a greener company.

Muntons has embarked on a low carbon trial in a bid to produce the world’s first sustainable low carbon malt.

In partnership with farmers, the company hopes to grow malting barley using methods that will dramatically reduce reliance on carbon-intensive man-made chemical fertilisers.

The trial will see malting barley growers using ‘green compost’ – made from recycled green materials, such as grass cuttings and hedge trimmings – to replace the synthetic potassium and phosphate fertilisers.

These ‘natural’ fertilisers will help to cut the carbon emissions associated with manufacturing the man-made ones. Muntons hopes that these synthetic fertilisers will be eliminated entirely once the green trial has been running for three years.

Dr Nigel Davies, the manufacturing and technical director, said: “It’s early days, and this is a long term trial that will last for several years, but we’re confident we’re at the beginning of something truly trailblazing. A lot of people have been talking about being green, but our commitment to making low carbon malt a reality shows how we consider carbon footprinting a key business focus.”

The process of growing the malting barley accounts for 60 per cent of the company’s carbon footprint.

Melissa Abbott, grain value chain specialist, said: “If we can reduce the impact on the environment of this important part of our supply chain, we can make a huge difference in terms of our overall sustainability as an organisation.”

The trial is taking place on farms in East Yorkshire and the malting barley will be processed for one of the UK’s leading brewers.