Phone app will help food allergy sufferers

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A PHONE app that could transform the lives of people suffering from food allergies and intolerances has been developed in Suffolk.

The FoodWiz app allows shoppers to scan the barcode of any food item and be told immediately whether it is safe for them to eat. Users can set up their profile of ingredients to avoid and then go to the supermarket where they can scan the barcode for all of Asda and Tesco’s own items and thousands of other brand-name products to find out if they contain nuts, gluten, seafood and other problem ingredients.

The app is currently available on the iPhone but will soon be available on all mobile phones.

James Lay, from Gazeley, developed the idea together with mum of four Fiona Unwin from nearby Moulton.

“The universally positive feedback we have received, from government, and, of course, Allergy UK’s team of dieticians, has been immensely encouraging,” said James.

“Our food database is the most comprehensive and up-to-date in the UK.

“In all, it comprises the ingredients for over 76,000 products. And, thanks to our relationship with the leading supermarkets, another 100 or more are being added every day.”

Allergy UK chairman Muriel Simmons backs the new app. “FoodWiz eliminates the need for coeliac, irritable bowel syndrome and other allergy sufferers to trawl through complex contents lists on the sides of food cartons, bags and packets,” she said.

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