New Bid4Bury boss aiming to meet the people

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THE new boss of Bid4Bury, Mark Cordell took up his post this week and says he wants to see the organisation and the town thrive and grow.

The former police chief said it was important to balance both the needs of business and that of the public and to create a positive message about the town’s night time economy.

Mr Cordell, who has been appointed chief executive of the Bid group, said: “My role is to improve the opportunities for business in the town. My whole approach is building on the excellent environment we have at the moment. I am really keen to work with businesses to find out what they want to be done.”

He will be out and about meeting key people as well as inviting all businesses to come to the Bid4Bury annual meeting in late March.

Having lived in the Bury area since 1987 with much of his policing done in this area, he praised the first year of Bid4Bury and the work done by his predecessor Steve Peters.

“We are coming to the end of year one and while some things may have taken a bit longer we have a five-year plan and hopefully we can convince more businesses to come on board. For me this is much more about medium and long term.”

He added: “I have quite a lot of night time experience in my past job and we want the right mix. We don’t want the nightime economy to be seen as negative and want to use the town centre to the maxiumum good.”