New app puts town on the high tech map

Bury St Edmunds' new smart phone apps
Bury St Edmunds' new smart phone apps
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BURY St Edmunds leads the smart phone revolution with its own app today.

It is thought Bury is the UK’s first town with its own app, which is a small programme that runs on ‘smart’ mobile phones like the Apple iphone.

The town centre business improvement organisation Bid4Bury has launched apps for iphones and phones using the Android operating system. They were created by Jabu Designs, based in nearby Lawshall.

Bid4Bury chief executive Mark Cordell said: “Bury St Edmunds is used to leading the way on internet technology as 10 years ago it was the first place in the UK to have an internet-enabled park bench.”

The app will allow people to download offers from Bury businesses, locate a retailer or type of business and guide visitors around the historic town centre and the arc.

It has been created to enable small independent retailers to compete on the same level locally as national brands, some of whom have their own apps, such as the Nectar Points one.

Kelly Mapston, creative director at Jabu Designs said: “I believe it will be of enormous benefit to the town. It’s great that Bury St Edmunds is a forward-thinking town that wants to use the latest technology in this way.”

The app’s launch follows Bid4Bury’s unveiling last month of a new website, as well as the new maps and retail guides all developed by its marketing partner Cubiqdesign.

Mr Cordell added: “We are catering for all the community by providing information in hard copy, on a website and in an app to ensure local people and visitors are aware of all the great things happening in Bury St Edmunds.”

The app is free from the usual app sites for iphones and Android phones – type in ‘Bury St Edmund’s