John’s message for trade

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A MAN who believes strongly in the importance of fair trade visited volunteers and students in Bury St Edmunds this week.

John Kabyetsiza, a father of five from Uganda, is the finance and systems manager of Fruits of the Nile, a dried fruit company that is awaiting Fairtrade certification, having helped to get spare fruit production from rural growers to international markets.

On Wednesday, John visited pupils at King Edward VI Upper School where he met members of the school council, who want the school’s catering arrangements to become entirely fair trade. He also spoke to GCSE humanities students.

That night, John gave a talk about the importance of fair trade at the Just Traid Centre, a volunteer trade centre in St John’s Street that raises funds to support projects in the Third World.

He was joined by A-level textile students from King Edward VI, who performed a fashion show using Fairtrade clothes.

Headteacher Geoff Barton said: “It raised awareness of fairtrade issues – we’ve always been rather passionate about that because we think it’s a way to teach youngsters how decisions made here can impact people thousands of miles away.”