Home deliveries score hgh for Nick who swaps high tech role for west Suffolk organic food franchise

Nick Kington from B arningham who has just celebrated a year delivering organic food boxes across Suffolk for Riverford Organic Farms

Former marketing man Nick Kington swapped his high tech career for the rural pleasures of a Suffolk home and a new job delivering organic produce.

Nick was working in Reading but moved home a year ago to take up a franchise for Riverford, the organic food box delivery service.

He was already a customer and decided he wanted a lifestyle change.

A year on he delivers to more than 350 people in an area ranging from Sudbury to Swaffham, Ely and Bury St Edmunds.

He lives in Barningham and with Tamara Popek delivers the food boxes of fruit and veg, dairy, meat and other produce grown on Riverford’s four organic farms.

He said: “It was a pretty drastic change, but the time to break free from 9-5 office and urban life felt right. I’m so grateful to my customers for giving me such a warm welcome. They are fantastic.”

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