Gift vouchers ‘should be honoured’

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DISGRUNTLED Tina Seeley is upset her 15-year-old daughter Shophie has missed out on the chance to get new clothes for a trip to her sister’s wedding in Antigua this weekend as a result of a Bury St Edmunds young fashions store going into administration.

Jane Norman retains its name and staff in the arc shopping centre but is refusing to honour gift vouchers bought before it was acquired, alongside others nationally, by Edinburgh Woollen Mill.

Sophie was bought vouchers valued at £40 at Christmas and was planning to buy clothes for Antigua, but has been told that technically she is an unsecured creditor. However, as a goodwill gesture Edinburgh Woollen Mill will honour the voucher - if she pays another £40.

In other words, if she now pays £40, she would get items valued at £80.

Tina, from Mildenhall, said: “I appreciate they have changed hands, but surely if they are still trading as Jane Norman, they should honour customers’ rights as the former Jane Norman company did.

“These vouchers were bought in good faith, and now we feel totally cheated. They call this goodwill, but I completely fail to see any goodwill at all. To add insult to injury, as if that is not enough, they are now saying these vouchers are going to expire at the end of August.

“I think we have been treated unfairly. Sophie cannot buy the new clothes she wanted now.”

Jane Norman ran into trading problems. Some stores were closed, while others were saved when administrators Zolfo Cooper struck the deal with the Edinburgh Woollen Mill company.

A spokesperson at Zolfo Cooper said the former Jane Norman operation was insolvent and those still owning gift vouchers bought before the June 27 sale were like unsecured creditors.

But it revealed if Sophie did not wish to redeem her vouchers, she could register as a creditor by emailing: to request a form.