Family fencing firm in Stowmarket looks to the future after major contracts success

Clarkes Fencing
Clarkes Fencing
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A family fencing firm which started from a back garden in Hepworth 30 years ago, is in the midst of tying up major council contracts.

Clarkes Fencing founded by David Clarke in 1983, has won a contract to work on social housing stock in Mid Suffolk.

And it is waiting to see if it has won another council contract elsewhere in Suffolk which would create more jobs.

It follows a major five year contract win to work on Havebury Housing’s 6,000 housing stock, won three years ago.

That led to the firm moving to a new yard in Stowmarket last May and adding two staff to bring its team up to 13.

From there it has also launched a retail arm allowing people to come in buy tailor made fencing, decking, atimber sheds and more and get advice from the experienced staff , some who have been with the firm from between 15 to 20 years such as Michael Butcher and Paul Newman.

Brothers Kevin Clarke, 36, and Jason Clarke, 39, work with their dad at the firm.

“About half of our work now is with local authorities while the rest is with national building companies across East Anglia,” said Kevin.

“We are buoyed by what we heard in relation to housebuilding in the budget.

“But while the national building contracts can be boom and bust the local authority work guarantees jobs for a number of years.”

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