EYE wants to make youngsters employable

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A MOTHER-of two from Bury St Edmunds is today launching a project aimed at making young people more employable.

Through her role as a Territorial Army officer, Catherine Buchanan interviewed young people wanting to become officers.

She said that despite being well qualified, one in three of them did not come across well in interview.

“What’s happening is they’re getting a degree but they’ve never had a job - a lot go on to get masters and still have never worked and can’t get their dream job,” she said.

After talks with businesses represented by Bury’s Chamber of Commerce and Bid4Bury, Mrs Buchanan decided to set up Enhancing Youth for Employment (EYE).

After an initial two-day residential experience, participants, who will pay £113 per month or £600 for six, will spend three to six months in voluntary work placements, with a personal EYE mentor available until midnight throughout the project.

Starting in January, the youngsters will work for four days a week and spend the fifth day with the EYE team, to enhance their employment skills.

“I’m offering them the chance to get real work experience - off the computer and into the work place,” said Mrs Buchanan.

For more information and to sign up, email callsaints@btinternet.com