Energy-from-waste site gets permit to operate

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THE development of an energy-from-waste facility in Great Blakenham has been given the green light by the Environment Agency.

The waste site has received the environmental permit needed to push on with development, following a period of consultation with residents.

It means that developers can now move ahead with building and completing the site, which should be open by December 2014. It received planning permission in July this year.

The facility, run by recycling and resource management company, Sita UK, will manage Suffolk’s non-recycled waste, producing energy from waste that would have been sent to landfill.

The permit means that the Environment Agency is satisfied with Sita UK’s proposals for the site, but sets targets to ensure that it is operated safely. It includes issues, such as emissions to air limits, noise and odour management, and an energy-saving plan.

Lisa Chambers, Suffolk County Council portfolio holder for waste, said: “Energy from waste provides us with a cheaper, greener solution for dealing with household rubbish, which can’t reasonably be recycled.

“Over the next 25 years, switching to energy from waste will be around £350 million cheaper than continuing to landfill and, environmentally, this technology is a much better option.”

Cliff Matthews, energy-for-waste regional manager at Sita UK, said: “The award of the permit from our regulator is an important step forward.

“We hope to begin construction work early in the new year and once the energy-from-waste facility is up and running we will make sure that we match the high standards required by the Environment Agency.

“We will also continue to work closely with members of the community during the construction period.”