Eat drink and listen – the story of LP in Bury St Edmunds

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“It was a lucrative opportunity, the recession brought with it opportunities and i has gone very well ,” said David Stapleton, a director at LP.

It is now two and a half years since the nightclub/ bar/ restaurant opened its doors in Woolhall Street with a motto of Eat Drink Listen.

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The business was founded by Mike Garling who used to run the Hide Bar in Bury, alongside David who used to work for him in between studying for a marketing degree at university.

They opened the LP bar on the site of the former Ruin nightclub.

“It meant we took on somewhere that already had the fixtures the fittings, the bar, the dance floor, the air con – we just needed to put our personal touch on it.

“I think if we had had to spend hundreds of thousands we may have thought again.”

He said opening during a recession meant it was able to buy in cheaper from others desperate for businesses.

The key to LP’s success David feels its its ‘multi-faceted approach’ offering a restaurant, bar and nightclub so even if one element of the business goes quiet, the other two can support it through.

The restaurant was initially sub contracted but David and Mike soon bought them out and installed wood fired ovens.

“It’s something completely novel for Bury and we get a large contingent of Italians and Italian Americans,” said David.

LP has been developing business relationships, hosting Bid4Bury workshops , Liberte Fitness Club Box Fitness nights every Wednesday, while it was ‘one of the first if not the first’ in Bury to work with town based app company JabuDesigns.

LP also offers businesses the chance to advertise on the entrance wrist bands.

“We don’t make anything on that, the other business just covers the costs of the wrist bands,” said David.

LP is named after the old long player records.

“We play to the audience rather than having a set formula like other clubs. We have had an age range from 18 right up to a 90th birthday,” said David.