Christmas cake goes gluten-free

Janne Hallinan and her gluten-free Christmas Cake.
Janne Hallinan and her gluten-free Christmas Cake.
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AFTER lots of trials and testing, Suffolk Pantry can now unveil the perfect gluten-free Christmas cake.

Janne Hallinan started Suffolk Pantry, making gluten-free cakes and biscuits, after electricians working in her Stanton home praised her cakes. Her chocolate brownies won a Great Taste Award in the summer, proving you can make tasty cakes with gluten-free alternatives to wheat flour.

But a complex Christmas cake is more of a challenge. Janne said: “I’ve done Christmas cakes for family, but when you do it commercially you need to get something you can do consistently.

“Gluten-free flours need more moisture to make the cakes tasty so I tried soaking the fruit in different juices and alcohol. Some were too puddingy but alcohol seemed to be better and I’ve used sherry.

“I’ve been cooking like this for 30 years so I know the tricks of the trade to make it tasty.”

That is fortunate for her family who are the main tasters for her experiments.

Instead of wheat flour, Janne uses a blended flour made from things like maize, tapioca and rice.

She is selling cakes at Wycken Farmers’ Market on December 17 and online at