Bury st Edmunds wine shop benefits from trial jisp app’s first customer

Scott Stevens, David Bayliss and Nicholas Corke
Scott Stevens, David Bayliss and Nicholas Corke
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Retailers and shoppers are already benefiting from a free app trial taking place in Bury St Edmunds.

Thomas Peatling wine shop is one of around 40 businesses taking part in Bubbles Online Services’ Open 360 ‘jisp’ app, which targets special offers to registered users.

The trial service, which launched on Monday, took just 24 hours to attract its first buyer – much to Peatling’s delight.

Scott Stevens, who was enticed by the Risbygate Street shop’s 20 per cent discount on Bordeaux wines, said he registered as an app user to enjoy ‘more bespoke offers’.

He added: “It could change my shopping habits in a way because if I didn’t have anything in particular in mind and my phone said there was an offer, it would focus my mind on that.”

Nicholas Corke, a director at Thomas Peatling, said: “It shows how powerful the app could be in targeting customers and giving them special deals to bring them into Peatling, particularly when we’re slightly off the street.”

David Bayliss, the app’s business development manager, is appealing for more retailers and shoppers to take part in the trial.

Anyone interested should email david.bayliss@lookupbubbles.com or call Mr Bayliss on 07711 241911.

For more information, visit www.lookupbubbles.com