BT gets rocket for not moving phone on time

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BUSINESSMAN Don Matthews is certainly not over the moon, he claims, with the service he has received from British Telecom.

He felt it would be a straighforward job to transfer his telephone system when he expanded his Ashdown Mobility company to larger premises just down the road in Risbygate Street, in Bury St Edmunds.

He’d decided to switch from Talk Talk to British Telecom but the move, he said, meant he was without a telephone and Internet link from August 26 until September 6.

And he declared: “Man walked on the moon some 40 years ago, but they can’t move a phone 200 yards in 2011.”

The company he has run for around nine years specialises in delivering a service to elderly and disabled people, with mobility aids and other services.

He was annoyed customers were unable to make contact during the period the phone was not connected as he had given plenty of notice.

And the Bury Free Press could not get a comment by phone from BT this week.

Footnote: In terms of the comparison to landing on the moon and moving a phone... the moon is 238,856 miles away and takes three-four days to get there.