Bright idea as bumblebees get busy

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BUMBLEBEES are making a growing contribution in pollinating fruit crops and now a Hartest company is marketing them for people to enjoy in their own gardens.

Julian Ives and Dr Ian Bedford have formed Dragonfli which supplies bumblebee hives for people’s gardens.

The bees are produced in Holland from British stock and are then placed in hives with a queen and sent out from Hartest.

There are 25 species of native bumblebee but they are in decline from the loss of their wildflower habitat. A bumblebee hive lasts just one season before newly hatched queens and workers begin the cycle elsewhere.

The Beepol hive comes with a viewing lid so people can watch the bees and Dragonfli also supplies a wooden ‘Lodge’ container which can be placed in the garden or attached to trees and buildings.

Mr Ives previously worked monitoring bumblebee pollination in commercial tomato and pepper cultivation and decided the idea could work on a smaller scale for keen gardeners and wildflower lovers.

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