Basket firm in Bury St Edmunds marks 10th anniversary with a return to its roots

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Basket firm Innipooh which started 10 years ago on a Whitsun Fayre market stall in Bury St Edmunds, returns for the event this Sunday and Monday in a pop-up shop in Cornhill Walk.

The handmade baskets are bought from a woman called Parvathi in India and finished by artist Trudi Edmunds.

Trudi said she first had the idea for a bag business 20 years ago when a friend made one in art school.

But it was not until a chance meeting while on holiday in India that her business was born.

“I was in the Post Office when this woman walked in with this basket, it was just the type of basket I was looking for.”

She met Parvathi and had to communicate through drawings.

“Her children then started calling me Innipooh which I didn’t know whether it was a good thing or not. Apparently it means sweet thing,” Trudi said.

Sales of the baskets and bags have helped Parvathi and her family lift themselves out of poverty.

“By the end of our second year she moved into a house with a well, then a house with a running water.

“They are currently have their own house being built. It is good for the soul,” Trudi said.

She is exhbiting at Blackthorpe Barn at Rougham until Mayt 27 and is at the Gallery Highwaymans in Risby every weekened in June from 11am to 4pm.

Trudi is part of the Suffolk Open Studios artists.

She will also be exhibiting at The Apex in July.

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