Business charity bash in Bury St Edmunds raises 10k

News from the Bury Free Press
News from the Bury Free Press
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A Bury St Edmunds firm has helped raised more than £10,000 for charity.

Abbeygate Wealth Management, in The Traverse, Bury, hosted a dinner and auction at The Apex earlier this month.

The event raised a total of £10,514.37 for drug and alcohol rehabilitation charity Focus12, based in Risbygate Street, Bury.

Chip Somers, founder of Focus12, said: “We’re very grateful. It’s wonderful for us that they were prepared to do all the hard work and fund it. We couldn’t ever do it without the backing of people like that because we can’t fund that much money on the off chance that we might make it back.”

James Stott, director of Abbeygate Wealth, said: “We’re delighted that we raised as much as we did. The idea was for everybody to have a fantastic time so they would want to do it again next year, and hopefully that will be the case.”