Bury student to address top political science conference in the USA

Rebecca Cordell ANL-151103-173157001
Rebecca Cordell ANL-151103-173157001
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A student from Bury St Edmunds has been asked to present her research at one of the world’s top political science conferences only five months into her PhD project.

Rebecca Cordell, 25, a former King Edward VI School pupil, will address the American Political Science Association Annual Meeting 2015 in San Francisco in September on CIA secret detention, torture and rendition post 9/11.

Rebecca, daughter of OurBuryStEdmunds chief executive Mark Cordell, said: “The American Political Science Association annual conference is one of, if not the most prestigious political science conferences oin the world and I’m told it is rare to get your own research there in your first year. I’m nervous but it’s too good an opportunity to miss.”

She believes her work came to the association’s notice because it had been placed with the Human Rights Data Collection Group.

Rebecca, who has worked for the NGO Freedom from Torture, has applied advanced quantitative methods to data compiled by The Rendition Project, a collaborative research initiative run by Dr Ruth Blakeley at the University of Kent and Dr Sam Raphael at Kingston University.

Rebecca explained: “Most research says there were 54 countries helping the US with rendition but this data set contains information about almost three times as many.”

If you can’t get to San Fransico, she will address Bury’s Amnesty International Group at the St John’s Centre on October 13 at 7.30pm.

She has a blog at https://challengingperspectivesblog.wordpress.com