Bury St Edmunds waste guru takes a look in Corrie’s bins

Karen Cannard at the cobbles
Karen Cannard at the cobbles
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Bury St Edmunds waste guru Karen Cannard has been given a rare chance to explore behind the scenes of her favourite soap – who said you can’t mix business with pleasure?

The mother-of-two was invited to the studios of ITV’s Coronation Street to rummage through the bins of Weatherfield and see how the show is championing waste reduction amongst its ambitions to become Sustainability Street.

It came after the show picked up the Sustainability Award at October’s TVBAwards and the 2015 IABM International Award for Excellence in Sustainability in December.

In a blogpost for The Rubbish Diet, Karen – a self-confessed long-term Corrie fan – said: “There are moments when you say to yourself ‘I have got the best job ever’ and when you’re poking about in Ken Barlow’s bins while talking rubbish with the head of production of your favourite soap opera, that most definitely counts as the best of the best.”

She said it was ‘easy to see how sustainability has become a key driving force at Corrie HQ’ where initiatives include using iPads to reduce paper wastage, ditching disposable paper cups for ceramic mugs and reusing items in its props department.

“Robbie Sandison [head of production] takes climate change seriously and with responsibility for up to 400 staff and a show that has four units, filming up to 7pm, five days a week, he recognises how the impact of small changes is substantial at such a scale,” said Karen.

To read her blog in full, visit www.therubbishdiet.org.uk