Bury St Edmunds shopping centre appeals to competitive dads

Arc shopping centre, Bury St Edmunds ENGANL00120131007173150
Arc shopping centre, Bury St Edmunds ENGANL00120131007173150
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Bury St Edmunds’ arc shopping centre is hosting a unique speed challenge in celebration of Father’s Day weekend.

Between 11am-4pm on Saturday, children and adults alike will be able to choose from a kicking football, throwing a tennis ball or tossing a foam javelin into an inflatable speed tunnel which will measure how fast they can throw or kick.

A running leader board will be kept throughout the day and a champion of each discipline will be announced.

Can you beat 114mph - the record for the fastest shot on goal? It came from a ferocious strike by David Hirst during an English Premier League game in 1996.

And, by signing up to take part, contestants will automatically be entered for a chance to win £100 in store vouchers for an arc retailer of their choice.

Colin Roberts, arc centre manager, said: “Us dads all have a competitive streak in us - now’s the chance to let it out and see how you do in our speed challenge.

“Whether it’s getting to the top of our leader board or just getting one over on your kids, it’s a great bit of kit and we’re looking forward to seeing it in action.

“If you need to load up on some carbs before having a go at this energetic challenge, we have loads of great place to eat too!”