Bury St Edmunds school is recognised for going extra mile with Fairtrade work

Westley School has achieved its Fairtrade Active award''''PICTURE: Mecha Morton
Westley School has achieved its Fairtrade Active award''''PICTURE: Mecha Morton
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Pupils at a Bury St Edmunds school who have been flying the flag for Fairtrade have been recognised with a hard-earned accreditation.

The Westley Campus of the Bury St Edmunds- All Through Trust is just the third school in Suffolk to achieve the Fairtrade Active status.

It follows six months of collaborative work involving the school council and young reporters across the key stages.

Richard Stainer, of the Bury Fairtrade Town Partnership, said: “It’s an amazing achievement in such a short time - we’re very proud of them.

“It means they’re fully engaged with the principles of Fairtrade – they’ve brought it into their school and they’re actively seeking to extend Fairtrade within their community and area.”

Among the school’s activities, pupils celebratred Fairtrade Fortnight with a taster session of foods.

They surveyed the food technology area and persuaded them to use a Fairtrade/local product.

The school councillors also encouraged the staffroom to stock Fairtrade tea.

Raksha Chohan-Jones, head of geography and assistant head of Year 8, said: “We have become more aware of Fairtrade issues and spread information through the curriculum and held assemblies to raise awareness.

“We are looking at how the school canteen can provide a Fairtrade product during school lunch times.”

Mr Stainer said Fairtrade was important because it gave people in developing countries a fair price for the products they produced.

It also helped to pay for community projects such as schools, housing, clinics and training for farmers.

For more information about the work of the Fairtrade Foundation and its products, visit www.fairtrade.org.uk