Bury St Edmunds residents say hospital parking is still blighting their lives

Cars parked in Holywell Close ANL-140910-092753001
Cars parked in Holywell Close ANL-140910-092753001
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Residents of a close near West Suffolk Hospital say parking is still blighting their lives as measures to mitigate parking pressures are creating more problems.

Parking pressures on the hospital site have been investigated over the years. Following consultation single yellow line waiting restrictions are being planned for the whole area but in the meantime white H lines have been painted across driveways where residents have requested them.

This week county councillor Sarah Stamp, who represents Hardwick, said that consultation is being carried out over a single yellow line round the central green in Holywell Close and urged people to park considerately. Resident Caroline Owen says that people are still parking inconsiderately. There are also extra pressures because of a three hour only wait at nearby Stamford Court. “There are difficulties for all of us and I’ve noticed a sharp increase in parking since the H lines were installed. I think because they were put in elsewhere this has pushed the problem further into the close. It is also popular because there is a cut through to Hardwick Lane which makes the hospital more accessible,” she said.

Another resident, who has two carers visit her home five times a day, said: “I’ve great sympathy for those people who do a wonderful job at the hospital but I have to stick up for the carers. It does not 
seem fair they have to do a route march to get to the house.”

Mrs Owen says that residents are planning to park their cars outside their homes to deter people. A hospital spokesman said: “We regularly remind our staff of the need to show consideration for our neighbours when choosing somewhere to leave their cars, but cannot stop them from parking legally in nearby residential streets.”