Bury St Edmunds pudding appeal is a success

Pictured: Jenna Lewis, Chrissie Harrod  and Jane mumford
Pictured: Jenna Lewis, Chrissie Harrod and Jane mumford
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An appeal in the Bury Free Press to help a Bury St Edmunds-based charity sell an unexpected number of Christmas puddings was ‘wonderfully’ received.

Mental health charity Workwise was left with 500 of the festive treats - which cost £1,500 - after the nine-day Winter Wonderland event it was due to host a stall at in Milton Keynes was cancelled within the first 24 hours.

Helena Kwasnyczka, manager of Workwise-operated arts, crafts and furnishings store Cavern 4, said £300 worth of puddings were sold on Wednesday alone.

“I think it’s wonderful how the people of Bury have come out and supported Workwise by buying our puddings and we’re very grateful to them,” she said.

Chrissy Harrod, manager of Bury’s Cornhill Walk Shopping Centre, gave the charity free use of the centre to help sell its puddings.

Mrs Harrod said: “I am really very pleased to hear how well the Christmas puds sold, £300 worth on the first day in the centre! I am delighted that the Cornhill Walk was able to become involved with such a great venture. After spending a bit of time on the Christmas pudding stall last Wednesday, I am not surprised they did well. The general public were extremely supportive when they heard what had happened, the mood was very cheerful and festive and the puddings on offer looked so delicious I had to buy three myself! It is great that the Cornhill Walk can still help with things like this.”

They puddings included the charity’s popular plum puddings and triple chocolate, sticky toffee and lemon and cinnamon sponges.

Any not sold at Cornhill Walk are available to purchase from Cavern 4, in Whiting Street.