Bury St Edmunds primary school ‘not making enough progress towards removal of special measures’

Exterior of Tollgate Primary School, Bury St Edmunds.
Exterior of Tollgate Primary School, Bury St Edmunds.
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A Bury St Edmunds primary school, which has been in special measures for a year, is ‘not making enough progress’, according to Ofsted.

Inspector Robert Lovett said pupils’ achievement at Tollgate Primary ‘has not improved rapidly enough’ in the year since the school was rated ‘inadequate’.

During Ofsted’s third monitoring inspection at the school, he found that ‘while overall attainment at the end of Year 2 has improved since 2012, the gap is not closing rapidly enough and standards overall remain significantly below average’.

Mr Lovett said that ‘while much of the teaching observed was good, the quality has not improved as rapidly as it should have’. He noted good examples in PE and phonics.

Head David Hicks said that while parts of the monitoring report were ‘disappointing’, the school is ‘pushing and striving to get nearer to national averages’ and has ‘made some headway in reading and writing’ at Key Stage 1. Reading is three per cent away from the national level while writing stands at five per cent away.

He said: “We’ve made progress in improving the quality of teaching and want to make sure that’s consistent across the whole school.”

Mr Hicks added they are working with the Bury Schools Partnership to look at ‘how we can share best practice’.