Bury St Edmunds mum welcomes vote to delay tax credit cuts

George Osborne  Photo credit: Peter Byrne/PA Wire
George Osborne Photo credit: Peter Byrne/PA Wire
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Campaigners have welcomed a vote by the House of Lords to delay controversial cuts to tax credits and compensate those affected.

In last week’s Bury Free Press, single mum Heather, from Bury, who wants her surname withheld, joined campaign group 38 Degrees in calling on the Government to stop the cuts.

This week, the House of Lords voted to delay the cuts until the Government compensates low earners.

The Chancellor George Osborne said he would take heed of the Lords’ decision in his Autumn Statement.

Heather, who receives £96.23 a week in child tax credits, said: “I was obviously delighted about the outcome of the vote in the House of Lords. I was however, really angry to hear George Osbourne’s response, and found it ridiculous that he keeps saying he wants a ‘low tax, high wage economy’.

“Perhaps before he continues with his plan to cut tax credits, which I’m sure he will, Mr Osbourne should first ensure that higher wages are in place.”

Amy Lockwood, of 38 Degrees, said they will ‘keep up the pressure’ to stop the cuts.