Bury St Edmunds man hit ex’s new partner

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A Bury St Edmunds man who broke his leg playing football sat at home ‘stewing’ before going out and punching his ex-partner’s new boyfriend.

Alonzo Garza, 34, of Chepstow Road, was given a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £85 costs and £75 compensation after punching Jacob Edwards, outside The Grapes pub.

Lucy Miller prosecuting told Bury magistrates on Friday (4) that Garza has threatened that he was going to rip Mr Edward’s throat out, before punching him.

Michael Whatley, in mitigation said Garza split with his partner of 14 years in August. They have two children and the woman is now with Mr Edwards.

“Both Mr Garza and his father were very concerned that Mr Edwards was taking over the role of the father in disciplining the children.

“About six weeks ago Mr Garza was playing football when he broke his leg.

“As a result of that he has not been going to work and has been stewing at home, worrying about what has been happening with his children,” Mr Whatley said: “What he did was a stupid, foolish and in the heat of the moment, but something he sincerely regrets.”