Bury St Edmunds man hit by train had intended to take his own life

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Newsdesk: 01284 757857 ANL-140206-145723001
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A train driver hit by a passenger train at Cottishall foot crossing had intended to take his own life, an inquest has found.

Neil Saunders, 44, of Plovers Way, Bury St Edmunds, died of multiple organ injuries on the evening of February 24, this year.

An inquest heard that Mr Saunders had been devastated after an investigation revealed he had exceeded the speed limit on a section of track in November 2013.

He had been a train driver for 15 years and the inquest heard he was proud of his unblemished record.

Following the investigation Mr Saunders had joined another company and was due to undergo training driving freight trains on the night of his death.

Instead of attending the training he left his family home and went to Cottishall foot crossing.

The inquest, held in Bury on Monday, heard that the driver of the train had seen Mr Saunders standing between the rails and applied the emergency brake.

Mr Saunders had left a note at his home, which was discovered by his wife.

Coroner Dr Peter Dean said: “I think it’s clear from what Neil had written that he understood and intended the consequences of his actions that evening.”