Bury St Edmunds landlords of 25 years sell up - but moving was ‘a nightmare’

The Flying Fortress Pub has closed after being sold to an undisclosed buyer
The Flying Fortress Pub has closed after being sold to an undisclosed buyer
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Many people consider moving house to be one of the most stressful things in life and for pub landlords Keith and Rosemary Allchin that has certainly proved to be the case.

The couple, who decades ago turned their Bury St Edmunds home into a pub, have now sold-up and moved out after 25 years in the business - but moving their things turned out to be a ‘very traumatic’ ordeal.

The Flying Fortress landlords are still recovering from the shock of seeing their belongings destroyed after their removal lorry overturned at a roundabout, spilling their house contents onto the road.

“It was a huge shock I must admit,” said Mr Allchin.

Mrs Allchin added: “We lost just about all our furniture and all of our kitchen stuff. The boxes broke open and everything got muddled up.

“Lots of personal things were broken and destroyed. It’s just been a nightmare. It was a very, very traumatic move.”

The couple, who are now renting in Bury while they look for a house to buy, completed on their pub sale last Wednesday but have been asked not to disclose the purchaser’s name.

Rumours that Mitchells & Butlers were behind the sale have been denied by the company.

Mr Allchin, who wanted to apologise to customers for closing so suddenly, said: “The people who bought it wanted to get it in this financial year and when you get a good offer you know you should do anything you can before they change their minds.”

Hinting at a planning application being made shortly, he added: “I’m sure they will spend quite a bit of money on it to bring it back to the 21st century.”

“It’s going to be a major thing and we’re looking forward to seeing it,” added Mrs Allchin.

The pub, which gets its name from planes that flew from Rougham Airbase during World War Two, is considered to be in a ‘prime position’ because of the development that has been approved for that area of Moreton Hall, to include housing, a school and a community football facility.

“Somebody’s got a good deal - we got a good deal, but they got a good deal too,” said Mr Allchin, who has spent 40 years of his life at the Mount Road site, renting the house initially while working there as farm manager.

The now-retired couple, who are both older than 65, say they are looking forward most to being able to take holidays together.

“I’d just like to say how much we appreciate all our customers over the years, and our suppliers,” said Mr Allchin.