Bury St Edmunds gym ‘sorry’ after bailiffs threat to pensioner couple cancelling during cooling off period

LA Fitness on Moreton Hall, Bury St Edmunds
LA Fitness on Moreton Hall, Bury St Edmunds
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Pensioners cancelling a contract with a gym in Bury St Edmunds during a cooling off period, say they were threatened with bailiffs.

Now LA Fitness has apologised and said it has given retraining to the staff involved, and will be refunding the couple.

Ann and Andy Hill from Great Barton joined the Easlea Road branch on July 9 – to take part in water aerobics classes.

The couple, both in their mid-70s, returned twice over the following ten days but found classes were not available and so cancelled their contract as it was the last day of their 10 day cooling off period.

Since then they say they have been billed and threatened with the bailiffs.

“When we said we wished to cancel our contract the boy on the front desk said ‘If you don’t pay up, the bailiffs will be round,’” said Mrs Hill

“We were getting nasty letters. I went in on August 12 with all my medication and said I had cancelled on July 19 but he said it was my word against the other member of staffs.

“They’d already taken £48 out of our bank account and said we owed £66.”

Mrs Hill added that it had caused her a lot of stress.

A LA Fitness spokesman said: “We’re sorry that our Bury St Edmunds gym no longer offers the facilities that Mr and Mrs Hill had joined to use and that they didn’t receive the top class customer service all LA fitness members should expect from our gyms.

“We’ve spoken to the staff concerned and given them some retraining in terms of how they should respond to member enquiries of this nature.

“We’ve also written to Mr and Mrs Hill to offer them a full apology, terminating their contract and refunding any money already paid.

“Of course, we’d always be happy to welcome them back to LA Fitness at any time in the future.”