Bury St Edmunds group enlists help of social media campaign in fight against council

Rougham Hill Waste Transfer station  Pictured: Sarah Stamp, Adrian Williams, John Corrie and Trevor Beckwith
Rougham Hill Waste Transfer station Pictured: Sarah Stamp, Adrian Williams, John Corrie and Trevor Beckwith
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Campaigners battling to stop a waste transfer station being created at Rougham Hill are using social media in their efforts to get Suffolk County Council to pull the plug on the scheme.

The Stop Rougham Hill Waste Transfer Station campaign, which can now be found on Facebook, says it has had good support from across Bury St Edmunds as it builds a fighting fund to take the matter to Judicial Review on July 9.

Campaigners won support from a judge at the initial hearing which granted them permission to go to review.

Campaigners say St Edmundsbury Borough Council has suggested three alternative sites – one near to the sugar beet factory, one off Tut Hill at Risby and one at Saxham. Campaigners say these sites are out of town or in industrial zones and close to the A14.

So far, £18,000 has been raised for the campaign but a further £25,000 is needed.

Adrian Williams, one of the campaigners, said: “This is not nimbysism and not just for the people living around here but the wider community.”

There are concerns the scheme will reduce the waste recycling facilities, there will be smells from contaminated waste and roads will be congested by lorries. There are also plans for 1,250 homes to be built nearby under the borough’s Vision 2031 blueprint.

Neither Suffolk or St Edmundsbury would confirm these sites were under discussion. A spokesman for Suffolk County Council said: “We fully recognise the right of those opposed to this waste transfer station to challenge it. Despite this ruling, we remain convinced that Rougham Hill is a suitable location for a waste transfer station.

“We therefore welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the strength of the arguments for this proposal and will be robust in putting the case for the station to go ahead.”

Cllr John Griffiths said: “While we are increasingly optimistic that a better alternative can be delivered it is too early to discuss any specific area as we are still evaluating and negotiating on options.”

Donations to the fighting fund can be made to Richard Buxton Solicitors via Adrian Williams, 1 Byfield Way, Bury St Edmunds IP33 2SN marked WTS on the envelope with donors’ details. If the group wins costs, money will be returned. Contact Mr Williams at williams@byfieldway.plus.com