Bury St Edmunds Festival: Trio Libero never dull

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The Apex, Monday

Always challenging and never dull, Trio Libero served up a Monday night fillip at The Apex.

Split into two 45-minute sets, the group’s saxophone, bass and drums fusion had an improvisational feel to it as it made full use of the venue’s stunning acoustics.

Composer Andy Sheppard, joined by Michel Benita on double bass and the mercurial Seb Rochford on drums, set the tone with a blend of melody and staccato rhythms.

He was soon joined by Benita and Rochford, who showed the full range of his talents. Extended solos and the seamless use of sticks, brushes and bare hands showcasing his feel for the drums.

But each musician had his chance to shine during the evening, with Sheppard particularly impressive on the atmospheric track, Spacewalk.

A dynamic set saw snare drum tattoos, calypso rhythms and computer-aided backing all made use of.

An Elvis Costello number complemented a fascinating set and the audience left happy and with a little latin swing in their step. AF