Bury St Edmunds business owner’s ‘frustration’ with review site

Casa Del Mar's original St Johns Street premises in Bury St Edmunds
Casa Del Mar's original St Johns Street premises in Bury St Edmunds
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A Bury St Edmunds restaurateur has hit out at an online travel site for wrongly saying that her business had closed when, in fact, it has relocated to bigger premises nearby.

Casa Del Mar moved from St John’s Street to a larger premises in Risbygate Street two months ago when, in partnership with wine merchant Thomas Peatling, it also introduced a wine bar.

Despite using the same name, web address, phone number, staff, menu and decor, owner Maria Broadbent has had to start a new TripAdvisor page and was shocked to find the previous listing flagged as “closed” on the TripAdvisor phone app.

She said: “We worked so hard to stay in the top 10 in Bury for the last two years. To suddenly discover we’ve been relegated to 149 of 149 is really frustrating.

“Bury’s popular now with tourists, so they do look at the site and if you’re in the top 10 you’re on the first page.”

Maria said she called TripAdvisor, but was told its app did not have the facility to indicate a move, making “closed” its default listing.

She said: “I’d say that’s negligent, because it’s people’s livelihood and jobs.

“Fortunately, because the business is well established and popular with locals, it’s been able to ride the storm.

“Regular customers, and new customers attracted through the links with Thomas Peatling, have meant the business has continued to grow despite, rather than because of, TripAdviser.”